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PDQ Products has been crafting quality custom mirrors for high end homes, lofts and businesses in the Dallas area for 13 years and is now leading the way with new LED designs and lighted mirrors of all shapes and sizes to fit our customers exact needs and spaces.

All mirrors are built by hand using the finest hardwood frames from suppliers like Arquati and CMI moldings, glass components can be either flat or beveled depending on the style.

With 30 years experience in the lighting industry we have designed our new lighted products with the latest in fluorescent and led technologies.

Our LED back-lit models appear to float off the fine glass and marble wall coverings and bring the spa feel to your home while adding light to areas too small for sconces.

Please feel free to call for a in home design consultation and list of references from our hundreds of impressed designer and homeowner clients and see how we can make your reflection smile back at you.

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